Visiting the Model Farmer

On 18th Jan 2016, 3 of NTFP's staff ( 2 females) conducted the visit to see the progress at one of the 10 Model Farmer Gardens at Laeun Chorng village, in Ochum commune, Ochum district of Ratanakiri province.

NTFP's Governance Board Meeting

NTFP's Board Meeting

NTFP held a board's meeting on 19th Feb 2016, which participated by 4 of 5 NTFP's board members.

NFE Certificate Ceremony

NTFP organized a ceremony to distribute the certificate for Kawet Bilingual NFE Classess at Kok Lak commune of Vernsai district in Ratanakiri province, on 8th Feb 2016.


Women Saving Group in Rovieng district, Preah Vihear Province

NTFP is facilitating 10 Saving groups in 16 villages, 4 communes in Rovieng district to Preah Vihear province. The saving is an additional alternative livelihood for communities from farming, paddy rice and collection ntfps. On 27th May 2015, I visited Danak Chen village in Reak Reay commune of Rovieng to chat with a group of women saving group.

Climate Change and Governance Mainstreaming Session

Climate Change and Governance Mainstreaming Session at Kachun commune, Vernsai district on the 8th Aug 2013

NTFP is mainstreaming governance and climate change concept for 25 participants with 8 females at Kachun commune, Vernsai district. They learned many topics about governance and climate change which is new to them, however the facilitator tried to brainstorm with them some terminology into their ethnic language such as governance ( Kangan Nak), transparency  (Beuk Baloh), climate change mean Kan tuol Akath etc.